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18. - 19. NOV. 2023



Welcome to a new era – the VCA Titans presented by Der Standard E-Sports Team

True to our principals – The Player – The Team – The Arena – Ture Gaming – True E-Sports – VCA Vienna Challengers Arena’s strategic development of gaming and esports has now entered a new age – the age of the VCA TITANS! Or should we now say The Player – The Titans – The Arena…? Let’s find out together!

VCA Titans Fabian Fisler

My name is Fabian ‘Purple~H’ Fisler and for over 10 years, I am an active player in the Smash community. As a competitor I was able to exceed my childhood dreams with rankings in the German Super Smash Brothers Brawl Top 5, Smash 4 European Power Ranking Top 7 and the international OrionRank with a Top 90 – awesome! Six months after the Smash Bros. Ultimate release I went to Australia for over 2 years to capture ‘best player from New South Wales’ and ‘potential Top 3 Aussie’. Now, back in Germany, I decided to give it a shot at Smash Bros. Ultimate with a full-time approach in order to become the best version of myself 👊

VCA Titans Julia Weiss

Hi, I am Julia ‘Jui’ Weiss, and I am competing since 2018. I love the pulsating feeling of competitions and the energy at Smash Bros. tournaments caught me instantly! What I did not like: the number of girls playing. And that is my mission together with VCA – get girls to compete at Smash tournaments, be a role model and give ‘em confidence. Inclusion into an international competitive Smash team means a ton to me and I am really looking forward to get to start practicing with my strong VCA Titans teammates! Finally, to calm down from my daily Smash sessions I am also into LoL, Valorant or Hearthstone 😉

VCA Titans Viktor Graf

vyQ – for over 10 years Super Smash Bros. Pro! Known for my versatility and aggressive play! VCA Vienna Challengers Arena and especially the Coca-Cola Breakpoint Ultimate series as well as the VCA Titans E-Sports Organisation, support me in the best possible way to be able to practice harder, compete at international tournaments and soon be Austria’s best 💪

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