VCA Vienna Challengers Arena

20. - 21. November 2021



VCAs new monthly online tournament series for Minecraft!*

Looking for a new adventure? VCA is committed to bringing the latest trends of gaming and esports to its fans. Minecraft is currently evolving into a competitive title for a competitive community. And that fits 100% to the vision of VCA!

VCA Obsidian Series includes six online events that will be broken down between two PGM-style events and four Duels-style events. PGM events will take place over two weekends while Duels events will take place over one weekend. The online series climaxes in a grand offline final at VCA Vienna Challengers Arena November 20-21 @ Messe Wien (Vienna Fair). Each event will feature a monetary prize pool to be split amongst the winning team of that event and points counting towards qualifying for the offline finals in November. Players will need a Minecraft Java Edition account to participate in events.

These high-level Minecraft competitive events series is designed and run together with our partner Stratus Network. Find out more about the Stratus Network organisation …

Please follow our Twitter channel and join our Discord channel to check out the latest info on registration, tournament info, results and much more or visit our Twitch channel for live streaming!

*These events are not associated with Mojang or Microsoft!

VCA Obsidian Series Facts & Figures


ET (Eastern Time)


#1 MAY 29-30 + JUNE 05-06 PGM

#2 JULY 3-4 Duels

#3 JULY 24-25 Duels

#4 AUG 28-29 Duels

#5 SEPT 18-19 + 25-26 PGM

#6 OCT 23-24 Duels


NOVEMBER 20-21 @ VCA Vienna Challengers Arena (Vienna Fair)


Open to players and teams from all over the world

Teams can be mixed


TOTAL €12.200**

PGM prize pool €1.400 each

Duel prize pool €350 each

Offline finals prize pool €8.000

**subject to currency conversion


Duels: 2 players

PGM: up to 5 players (roster up to 8 players)

Minecraft Java Edition account & Discord Profile mandatory

Free to enter

No team cap

Online tournaments collect points for VCA finals