VCA Vienna Challengers Arena

NOV. 19 - 20, 2022



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RECAP: VCAs monthly online tournament series for Minecraft!*

It was a successful start for our newest tournament series in 2021!

VCA is committed to bringing the latest trends of gaming and esports to its fans. Minecraft is currently evolving into a competitive title for a competitive community. And that fits 100% to the vision of VCA!

Our VCA Obsidian Series included six online events that were broken down between two PGM-style events and four Duels-style events. The series climaxed in an online grand final with a total prize pool of 8,000€!

It’s all about Teamwork!

In a nerve wrecking grand final between Team „Sweatgod & muffinHACKS“ and Team „Zaques & Heirokos“ persistency and patience got rewarded. Sweatgod and MuffinHACKS worked perfectly together to reach their mutual goal: To win VCA Obsidian Series 2021! And it definitely worked out. We congratulate the winnig team on their big success!

🥇 MuffinHACKS & sweatgod

🥈 Zaques & Heirokos

🥉 Azerdium & Holland

These high-level Minecraft competitive events series was designed and run together with our beloved partner Stratus Network. Find out more about the Stratus Network organisation …

Resources Innovation Center (Montanuniversität Leoben) is presenting BetterGeo Education, a project supported by EIT RawMaterials. BetterGeo is a Mod for Minecraft. BetterGeo adds realistic geology to Minecraft, introducing new rocks, minerals and metals, as well as realistic ways to find them. The mod also touches on environmental impacts and presents new tools and items to assist you in the game. Learn how to identify rocks based on their texture, color, hardness, magnetism and electrical conductivity with BetterGeo. You will encounter a variety of soils and quaternary deposits in BetterGeo. Learn what separates them, which are suitable for farming and in which climate zones you can find them. With BetterGeoEdu, you learn playfully about raw materials and how they end up in everyday products. Find out more …

*These events are not associated with Mojang or Microsoft!

VCA Obsidian Series Facts & Figures


Day 1

Day 2




TOTAL €12.200**

FINALS prize pool 8000€

PGM prize pool €1.400 each

Duel prize pool €350 each

**subject to currency conversion


Open to players and teams from all over the world

Teams can be mixed

Free to enter

No team cap

Game Mode

There will be three duels ladders — Iron, FinalUHC, and Bridge

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