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18. - 19. NOV. 2023



Let’s review VCA’s highlights so far


  • SMASH WORLD TOUR – SWT: Starting strong into 2022! VCA will officially be the last Platinum stop of the Smash World Tour 2022.


VCA TITANS presented by Der Standard

The VCA Titans proudly present their media partnership with Der Standard. Being one of Austrias most renowned newpapers, Der Standard is a liberal medium independent from political parties and lobbies! Both online and offline it is adressed to readers with high expectations of thorough and well-founded reporting on politics, business, (pop-)culture and society.


VCA supports #esportschulliga: ist die zentrale Plattform für alle Projekte und Ideen rund um E-Sport in der Schule – mit Updates zur E-Sport Schulliga Floridsdorf+. Offizieller Start ist im September 2021. Teilnehmen können Teams aus allen Schulen der Sekundarstufe I in Wien. Die Anmeldung ist ab sofort möglich.

VCA 2020 Mario Viska Fifa21 Fussball Coca-Cola eSoccer Cup


  • First ever Online Edition with 41,000 viewers and over 2.2 m views
  • Coca-Cola eSoccer Cup with a prize money of 2,000 EUR (winner Joe Hellman)
  • Coca-Cola Breakpoint Ultimate – The Invitational with a prize money of 5,300 EUR (winner Glutonny)
Sieger VCA 2019 MkLeo Nintendo Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


  • Coca-Cola Breakpoint Ultimate (CCBPU) was born, starting with a monthly series and raised to the grand final at VCA with 400 participants from 22 countries and a 14,000 EUR prize money (winner MkLeo)
  • First Edition of Coca-Cola eSoccer Cup (CCeSC) by Mario Viska and a 2,500 EUR prize money
  • Super Smash Bros. Melee and Down 2 Fight Arena (MK11 and Tekken7)
  • Starting the support of female athletes with first Smash Sisters Event (winner Sophie the Warrior)

VCA 2018 Sieger Team Premier Tour League of Legends Riot Games


  • Official Tour Stop of Riot Games’ League of Legends Premier Tour Tournament with a breath taking 25,000 EUR prize money
  • Official Rainbow Six: Siege Tournament with Ubisoft
  • Super Smash Bros. WiiU and Melee Tournaments
  • Kick-Off for Down 2 Fight – the Fighting Game Arena
VCA 2017 Riot Games League of Legends Tournament


  • First standalone VCA Vienna Challengers Arena with new logo and brand-new website
  • First League of Legends Tournament together with Riot Games for a 2,500 EUR prize money
  • First Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament
  • First Marvel vs. Capcom and Injustice2 by Viertelkreis

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