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18. - 19. NOV. 2023


Coca-Cola eSoccer Cup

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The unbelievable fourth edition of Coca-Cola’s eSoccer Cup will be a dignified highlight of the new FIFA season. The competition will be held at FIFA 22 for a prize money of 4,000 EUR. Amateurs as well as Pros – check-in October 1-2, 2022 at VCA Vienna Challengers Arena online edition for fun, action, glory and – of course – the prize money!

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Coca-Cola eSoccer Cup VCA 2021
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Facts & figures

  • Prize money total 4,000 EUR
  • Online qualifier #1-#5: winner will receive 300 EUR + the top four will advance to the finals Oct. 1, 2022;
  • Online Rookie qualifier #5: only youngsters allowed (max. age: 16 years) winner will receive 300 EUR + top 20 advance to the finals;
  • Last chance offline qualifier #6: Top 12 advance to the finals;
  • Finals: 1st place 1,500 EUR, 2nd place 700 EUR, 3rd place 300 EUR
  • Qualifier: Fifa22 (PS4 version)
  • Finals: brand new Fifa23 (PS4 version)
  • PS4/PS5
  • Player-Cap 256
  • To QF Bo1, from HF Bo2, Golden Goal
  • 90er mode, 6 min. /HT
  • No registration fee
  • Social media competitions
  • Host Mario Viska

Stream and stay tuned

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